September 29, 2016

Archives for September 2008

Why Kids “Robo-Trip”

A guide for parents and the media who wonder why kids abuse all sorts of legal and illegal substances that lead to bodily harm and death. by J. E. Miller   Edited by Ann Gambrino  Within two days, five teens overdosed at schools in Salt Lake City from legal medications. Some say this is a growing trend. […]

Rico Owner Knows Beans About Business

How Jorge Fierro overcame all odds emigrated illegally to the United States, to realize his dream of building a successful business.

Paxil Truth

The side-effects your doctor isn’t telling you about.

Westgate Resorts Admits Timeshare Advertising Dishonest

A ‘five star luxury resort’ Westgate Resorts executive admits untrue. Our experience in Westgate South Beach and how Westgate’s deceptive practices should refund buyers their money.

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