September 26, 2016

Archives for November 2008

Utah Hall of Fame

Learn about Utah from its inhabitants: portraying those who we feel define the rich culture and history of Utah.

Tumbleweed Mini-Houses Found Appealing by City Dwellers

Utah Stories examines the growing popularity of the U.S. mini-houses compared to european dachas and cottages. 100 square feet of living space would cause a McMansion owning suburbanites to cringe. However Urbanites, who might already be accustomed to somewhat small quarters, are finding these little places quite appealing. The photos of these homes show life […]

Timeshare Rip-off Protection Laws

Did you buy a timeshare then find out it was a rip-off? If you bought it within the past five days Nevada state allows you to request a full refund. Timeshare laws they hope you don’t discover. -By Mindy Nielson It was going to be a great Las Vegas vacation – my husband and I […]

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