October 1, 2016

July Issue Introduction

About this issue

It’s always fascinating traveling outside of Utah and getting an outsiders perspective on our beloved Beehive state. I guess it’s easy to become a bit insulated living here. Visitors always mention how clean our city is, how safe it seems, “but everyone is kind of weird.” gets said to me quite often. We in Utah prefer the adjective “peculiar”, please don’t call us “weird” just because we are better! We score higher than average on ACT and SAT tests despite our lowest in the country per pupil spending!

Utah stories JulyNot only are our children above average but our economy is far above average. What recession? Who’s feels it here? Not us, we are immune because we are too smart to subscribe to the national economy. If we simply don’t believe the “world economic crisis” will affect us, then why should it? There is a lot of power in believing. In this issue we profile believers and how believing is sometimes seeing and not vice-versa.

The man-made wacky creations were made by those who had a vision and believed they could see it through. The man operating the Hole’n-the-wall Southern Utah attraction is a believer in his ideas. “I want farm animals here.” Poof—with a little work he has llamas, cattle and sheep. Believe it and amazing things can happen. And just because we have so many people who come up with crazy ideas, only means we have a great population of people with big faith.