September 27, 2016

When one door closes. . .

Salt Lake City Marketplace

by Adam Vicinus

The story of how Sunyin Macri could have lost her dream of owning her own bar, but through the SLC grapevine she found a serendipitous partnership.

The Jackalope Lounge used to be known for its nightly brawls and questionable characters, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of the new co-owners, Roxan Morin and Sunyin Macri, the Jackalope is quickly becoming one of the best local dive bars to get you’re thirst on.

jackaclope bar

Sunyin Macri at the Jackalope Lounge located on 372 South State

After 15 years of managing a bar and saving her tips, Sunyin Macri was all set to buy the Twilight Lounge. But after an old mans promise to sell to her fell on the family’s deaf ears, she found herself still managing the bar but for different owners. As the original team was slowly let go, she suddenly found herself without a bar and now without a job. “its all good” she said, referring to her former employer.

Meanwhile, over at 372 S. State Street, stands a girl with a bar but no one to manage it. Roxan Morin took over the Jackalope Lounge from her former boyfriend but needed some help buying it outright. Through the grapevine, she had heard of Sunyins demise and figured what a perfect match this could be. Sunyin couldn’t agree more. “When Roxan aked me to be her partner, I knew that things really do happen for a reason.”

And news travels fast. Most of her former patrons have hopped on over to the Jackalope all without her breathing a word. “I’ve had some dedicated followers come over here after I left, but I’ve always encouraged people to have fun anywhere they go. I wanted a bar that you could feel at home in” said Sunyin, “and I want everyone to feel like they’re part of our family”.  And its a family that keeps on growing. I sat in a comfy booth nursing a perfectly poured Guinness and watched as 20 somethings mingled with 60 yr olds and skaters talked with businessmen.

Next week, they open their kitchen, Cafe Luna, and will start serving vegetarian fare in the bar at lunch and dinner. “Next, we hope the city will let us build our patio,” Roxan said.

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