September 29, 2016

The Visible People: Kids at the Concerts

Utah Stories introduces you to some of downtown’s most visible, vibrant characters.

Salt Lake City has a population of over 1 million people now. But most are invisible. Here is your chance to meet some of the people who are challenging the norm and are maybe living lives quite different from yours.

Kids at the Concerts

kids-at-the-concertIt was amazing to witness the number of teens and young adults who live in Salt Lake City from the attendees of the summer concert series at Pioneer Park. Where do these all these kids come from?

We met Paxton Valerio and Ketelin Rathke outside of the concert about two hours before show time. They said they are only 14 and one of their mothers dropped them off. “We always meet different people here… Sometimes my mom drives us here and sometimes we take Trax, said Paxton. Both girls attend East High School and they said the summer concert series has “been awesome this year.” They were at the Twilight Concert to watch Big Boi and Chromeo.