September 24, 2016

The Visible People: Starving, Biking Artist

Utah Stories introduces you to some of downtown’s most visible, vibrant characters.

Salt Lake City has a population of over 1 million people now. But most are invisible. Here is your chance to meet some of the people who are challenging the norm and are maybe living lives quite different from yours.

The Starving, Biking Artist

Travis Nikoli just graduated from the U, and he is aspiring to be a full- time urban artist.

Starving biking artistYou may have seen him biking back and forth on 300 S. or 1300 E. to his mixed media art studio. Travis has a pickup truck, but he says that he loves to bike because it’s cheap. He currently pays over twice as much for his art studio than he does for rent.

Travis grew up in Holladay and turned away from a philosophy major to try and make it as an artist and do his own thing. He says that so far his, “parents have been really supportive.”

“There’s a definite counter-culture crystallizing in Salt Lake City. I’ve enjoyed watching it grow downtown. Salt Lake is coming of age for becoming an art scene, but their are not a lot of patrons in this poor economy.”

Travis reports that he is cautiously optimistic for the future. “It’s exciting to see what’s going on at the Pickle Company, Kilby Court, and Craft Sabbath.”

His art is currently on display at the Sugar House library until October 20th. He has another showing at the Stolen and Escaped gallery soon