September 27, 2016

Dough Girl Makes a Big Decision

After a flurry of national media coverage, the Dough Girl decides to make her life easier and change her name.

Last month we reported on the plight of Tami Cromar, the local owner of My Dough Girl Cookies in Salt Lake City. Cromar was then embattled in a nasty lawsuit brought on by cookie goliath Pillsbury, who claims that she is violating their trademark of the word “dough.” She is one of several local small businesses currently embroiled in what most people would consider rather ludicrous trademark infringement suits by highly litigious mega-businesses.

Tami Cromar of My Dough Girl Cookies

My Dough Girl Owner Tami Cromar with a pan of her gourmet cookies.

The drama, however, is now at an end. Tami Cromar has decided that My Dough Girl Cookies is going to fold. She will keep her business, but she is going to change her name.

Cromar says that the decision was not taken lightly, and that it came from an unexpected source: her eight-year old daughter.

“My daughter came up to me,” she tells Utah Stories. “ She was crying. She said, ‘you can’t fight fire with fire, Mom. You need to do what they say and change your name.’”

After the national media picked up on her story and bombarded her with interview requests, her daughter’s plea was the last straw in what had been a long and emotional saga. The next morning she called her attorneys and told them to sign the papers indicating that she was going to comply with Pillsbury’s demands.

A new name for her business has yet to be decided.

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