September 27, 2016

November Issue Introduction

‘Tis the season to hone your hunting skills. Whether you plan to stalk elusive deals on Black Friday later this month or are plotting tactics to nab that giant buck that’s been taunting you in the farm fields, the November Issue of Utah Stories Magazine has something for you.

november_issue_coverThis issue we first take a look at some of the surprising success stories of Salt Lake’s unique boutiques and hear how they are beating the odds and outwitting the big box titans. We then delve into the controversial business of guided hunting trips and discuss the myths and realities surrounding the epic “Spyder” bull and the guide company that helped take him down.

You can also learn about a local rap video director, traverse the secret tunnels under East High School, read about a woodworking success story, and find out what your favorite vendors from the Farmer’s Market do in the winter.

We also are proud to introduce the first ever Utah Stories Holiday Shopping Guide. For the next two months, you will likely be inundated with mailers and commercials vying for you business this holiday season. But only in Utah Stories can you find a guide on how to support the best local business and buy great local products. We have also managed to gather hundreds of dollar of exclusive deals—all you have to do is mention Utah Stories. There really no better or simpler way to Go Local!