September 25, 2016

Utah’s Best Food Blogs

Find out who operates the 10 hottest food blogs in Utah

I have a theory that there must be a common gene in our pioneer pool making us more willing to share. Certainly, Pioneers used to share everything. Who doesn’t have a Grandma sharing great recipes for funeral potatoes and special punch?

Jump forward a couple of generations, and the old recipes on card stock written in the finest penmanship may be gone, but the wired word provides an entirely new means for sharing creativity in the kitchen and great local restaurants on a massive scale.

Utah is one of the most wired populations anywhere, and with our love of sharing, it’s no surprise there is an abundance of Utah food blogs.

Spicy pinto bean soup from Kalyns KitchenBut with so many choices, how do you know which ones are truly worth your time?

Sha-bam! That’s my job. I’m going to tell you which ones to bookmark and why.

Top 10 Utah Food Blogs

1. Kalyn’s Kitchen, Kalyn Denny

Why it’s HOT: Kalyn is the godmother of all Utah food bloggers. She’s the most authoritative voice on this topic we’ve got. Plus, her posts radiate the angelic kindness of a third-grade teacher. Muah! That’s me blowing kisses. But not the cootie-filled kind.

2. Gastronomic Salt Lake City, Stuart Melling

raspberry cheesecake from Cafe Johnsonia

Why it’s HOT: A boy blogging about food? Ha! Must be a Brit. But the real reason this blog ranks so high is that it smartly serves up insightful reviews of Utah’s best restaurants. And for that, Stuart, I thank you, and my family’s family thanks you.

3. Prudence Pennywise, Erin Renouf Mylroie

Why it’s HOT: This blog will SAVE YOU CASH. Prudence Pennywise prides herself on thrifty recipes. Like her “year-long noodles,” with an estimated price tag of about 3 bucks. Now that’s what I call using the old noodle.

4. The Gourmand Syndrome, John Thomas and Katie Schrier

Why it’s HOT: 100 percent, pure, unadulterated eye candy! Each carefully chosen photograph is framed by a stunning black background. Mesmerizing. This blog is so beautiful, I’m thinking about having an image of it tattooed on my lower back.

5. Delightful Delicacies, Jen Johnson

Why it’s HOT: Because I say so, mostly. There is something refreshingly random about this blogger. It’s hard to describe. All I can tell you is that she celebrated Halloween with “butterbeer and caramel corn.” Nice.

6. She Craves, Vanessa Chang

Why it’s HOT: Wit wins me over every time. Vanessa is probably the most graceful writer on this list. “God, I love it when sugar plays with heat. In one bite, it’s like cake, custard, and candy.” Her words, not mine. ‘Nuf said.

7. Stephanie’s Kitchen, Stephanie Younger

Why it’s HOT: Stephanie is a very kind and genuine person. Whether she’s blogging about biscuits or pumpkin chocolate chip cake with a cinnamon cream cheese drizzle, she makes her readers feel right at home.

swirl cookies from Meet Me in the Kitchen

8. Phemomenon, Holly Hanks

Why it’s HOT: Honesty. It’s the best policy and it’s also Holly’s policy. If she happens upon a new recipe, tries it, and hates it, she blogs it. Brilliant! I’d like to see Holly run for public office.

9. Meet Me in the Kitchen , Mary Ann Murray

Why it’s HOT: Mary Ann is the Dr. Phil of food bloggers. She intuitively understands how folks feel about food. She also has written about zucchini-cranberry muffins. I just wanted to say that. Zucchini-cranberry muffins. Oops, I said it again.

10. Cafe Johnsonia, Lindsey Johnson

Why it’s HOT: Because it’s sweet. This girl loves treats. Red velvet bonbons, anyone? This fun, little Utah food blog also showcases strong artistry and an economical use of language. Translation: “Oh, look at the pretty pictures.”

This list of the Best Utah Food Blogs represents the opinions of the writer, Leo Dirr. You can reach him at

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