September 25, 2016

Archives for December 2010

EVE Salt Lake City New Year’s Party

New Year’s Eve party in downtown Salt Lake City promises to be huge, entertaining and family friendly.

The Rose Establishment

The Rose Establishment is a community gathering place serving lovely teas as well as coffee from Four Barrel Roasters.

Davis County Exercise Activities

Davis County has some of the fittest, healthiest, most attractive residents in the nation. So, it’s no wonder that the county is home to more exercise activities than you can shake your pedometer at.

Meet SLC’s Friendly Transhumanists

Michael Ferguson is a PhD candidate in Bioengineering at the U. He leads the Utah Singularity and Transhumanism Meetup Group and organized the 2010 Transhumanism and Spirituality Conference last October.

University of Utah vs. BYU Rivalry in Academics

November brought us the “Holy War,” but the rivalry between Utah’s two biggest universities continues off the field.

Handcrafted ornaments to get you in the holiday “Moody”

Local artist celebrates the holiday with unique home-made crafts

The Khan Academy

In recent years, there have been many people and organizations who have dedicated themselves to improving the declining American school system. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to be an incredibly difficult task.

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