November 30, 2015

Westgate Resorts Class Action Lawsuit

Nevada court might finally deliver timeshare ripoff victims the justice they deserve.

It has been amazing that such a blatantly dishonest company as Westgate Resorts has been able to continue lying to customers and selling timeshare rip-off scams for as long as they have.

It actually appears that Westgate might finally get what they deserve. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Westgate Resorts that apparently has a very good shot of winning in a Nevada court.

Utah Stories has been inundated over the past three years since I wrote my initial story on Westgate: Hollywood Dreams and Timeshare Nightmares about how their salespeople were blatantly lying about the cost, fees and potential value of their timeshares for sale in Las Vegas and Miami. To get to know Westgate you must know Westgate’s owner.

Mr. David Siegal attends events with celebrities and business moguls such as Dolly Parton, Vanna White, David Hasselhoff and even Bill Gates. All of which  have had their photos taken with Mr. Siegal. Appearing as chum buddies, Mr Siegal attempts to builds his credibility like a parasite does with his host.  The Westgate offices are plastered with photos of people who we know and might trust with Mr. Siegal.

Business owners and celebrities don’t realize it might take years to wipe the slime off their hands after they touch or even pose with this guy. Mr. Siegal has the most dishonest sales force I’ve ever encountered. These people make used car sales people look like angels. They lie, cheat and steal from customers through “gotcha” contracts or contracts they don’t honor because they assume the victim will not go through the trouble of filing an out of state lawsuit. We have found this not only personally but through the hundreds of customer testimonials we have acquired. The flood of testimonials has made me believe this would be a perfect case for a class-action lawsuit.

Robert Paisola has on his blog The TimeShare Chronicles has documents related to the lawsuit filed under Nevada court. Anyone and everyone who has posted their stories on should visit his site to see how to proceed in bringing  justice to Westgate and Mr. Siegal.

To learn about more of Westgate’s deceptive practices. Read about our stay in Westgate’s Miami “Five Star Luxury Resort”. Or any of our other five stories posted on this company.


  1. such a shame, my parents experienced a nasty situation with a mexican resort, here is the experience that wrote to a blog:

    "After 10 years we finally got rid of our Mayan Palace condo. We never used it. We bought it during our only trip ever to the Mayan Riviera. We have spent literally $9,000.00+ dollars on various scams over the years with folks promising to rent/sell it for us. We scoured websites, checked Better Business Bureaus, tried due diligence at every turn and still got scammed. Finally I took one last chance with Mexican Timeshare Solutions. Sceptics identified they were all over the web protecting their image (including the photo online of their 'office' in California, etc) and it was hard to find how 'real' this group was . Still, we were attracted by the fact that they are experts in Mexico and Mexican legal issues. They seemed very legitimate at that level. For some reason, we still trusted them and in reality, there was little left to do except find someone to get us out of our contract – and by this time we were sick and tired of being scammed by US and Canadian based groups…. We contacted them and the process they described seemed to make sense and be legal. They promised we would not payanything until the contract was cancelled by Mayan Palace – and that sat well with us – no payment until the job was done. We initiated the process in February, and at the end of May we were sent an official letter from Mayan Palace that confirmed cancellation of our timeshare contract. I called Mayan Palace and confirmed with their staff that our contract had been cancelled – officially due to lack of upkeep of maintenance payments (we stupidly paid our annual maintenance fees for the first 7 years – and then we simply stopped paying for something we were not using). After we received the cancellation letter we were invoiced by Mexican Timeshare for the amount agreed and we paid them for their services. Overall the process was: signing a contract with Mexican Timeshare, writing a truthful letter describing how Mayan Palace had used pressure tactics and promises which led us to buy the timeshare in the first place, and then they did the legal work with Mayan Palace to get them to cancel the contract. The contract was cancelled and then we paid Mexican Timeshare. Straightforward. We can't believe this nightmare money pit is over. Mexican Timeshare is the real deal. And we NEVER write testimonials for anybody. This is the truth and written by a now retired teacher and his wife . If you have a Mayan Palace timeshare, stop paying maintenance fees and use Mexican Timeshare to get out of your contract."


  2. All of these stories sound sadly similar to ours…please add Jim & Penny Bennett to any lawsuit or litigation. thanks

  3. Hi i'm from the Nederland and we also been told leis to.I also own at Westgate town center in Kissimmee. It is disgraceful what west gate does! Please contact I want to join the lawsuit also. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT WITH ANY INFORMATION ABOUT A CLASS ACTION SUIT OR ANY THING ELSE THAT IS BEING DONE TO THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE. I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN A LAWSUIT OR GET SOME HELP.

  4. Please add me to the class action lawsuit.. we put a big chunk down and our payments were bout 5.000 n total… I don't know how they still can be n business!!! Karma is a bitch and they will pay!!!

  5. I was lied to also. I want to join the lawsuit also.I own at Westgate town center in Kissimmee. It is disgraceful what west gate does! Please contact me as well

  6. I was lied to, and I would like to join this lawsuit, I am a owner of Westgate Lakes and Spa, and I don't want to leave this inheritance to my children. Please contact me at

  7. I was lied to and mislead from Westgate and would like to join this lawsuit if I am able to. please contact me at

  8. Same goes, please let me know if there is a way to get in on the suit so we can be free from this "ownership".


  10. Can someone please email me back about the Westgate Resorts Class Action Lawsuit? I would like to be apart of this lawsuit.

  11. Sherri Swank says:

    We purchased in 2007 and from the beginning was lied to. They try to charge us extra coats all the time. When we call to schedule, they say that nothing is available where we want to reserve. I would like to know more about a class action law suit as well.

  12. Neil & Cindy Steibel says:

    Every other month since November of 2013 we receive a phone call concerning some new charges that we need to pay before we can ever use our timeshare. We have not used it at all and we’re making senseless payments for nothing? What can we do to get rid of this timeshare? Do we really have to keep making payments on something we’ll never be able to use?

  13. We bought our timeshare in Orlando in 2007, then the following year, we went to Vegas when they were building the Planet Hollywood Tower. Since we lived in Arizona, we thought this was a closer location and we were more likely to use it more often than the one in Orlando. They told us that we could split our week up, and use a half a week each year. So, we transferred our ownerhsip from Orlando to Vegas with the idea that every year we could go to Vegas for either three or four days, as we would split our week. The first time we tried to do this, they told us that we could split our week, but we had to use it in the same calendar year, which was not what we were told when we bought the unit. When I explained to the person over the phone that we were told that we could split our week up and use 3 days one year and then 4 days the next, the person asked me if I had that in writing. Which of course, I did not. The sales person and sales manager lied to us about how we could use our timeshare. At the time of purchase, they also tried to sell it to me at a slightly higher price than what was agreed upon. Fortuniately, I caught that and made them correct it before signing the final sales agreement. I would love to be a part of a class action lawsuit against Westgate.

  14. I bought a timeshare back in 2007. All the problems that have been mentioned are things that have happened to us. If there is a petition or class action lawsuit please advise me on the next steps to rid myself from the deceitful company Westgate is known to be in my household and many others, judging from their comments.

    Here’s a few problems to start; constant lies about why maintenance fees keep going up and lies about using another location at no cost due to my timeshare being a peak location all year, and don’t worry when you use it there’s no set time. When I called to challenge the maintenance charges they said its due to the property tax increase. Worst decision of my life in getting scammed by a pathological liar.

    If you are thinking of buying with this timeshare company get them to write every word that they promise then sign your life away. I feel it would be an awesome deal if they could just be an honest company and deliver on what they promise.

  15. william newton says:

    This is the worst freaking mistake i have done in my life . This is not right that these people can sale you something and u can never get to use it and if you want to use it they want to charge u 500.00 more i was told if i call within 30 days and it is available i can get it. I called with in the time required and was told not available then called 10-19-2013 and was told had seveval available but was going to cost me another 500.00 dollars extra I OWN THIS DAM THING. how can they charge me more . Every thing they tell u is a Dam lie This place needs to be shut down I paid several thousand dollars for this dam thing and continue to pay maintenance fees for something i cant use when i want to .This place needs to be protested at it if i didnt work i would go there every day and stand with signs to let others no . sorry about my language but i get so pissed and agruevated every time i try to use this thing and this is something we are supposed to enjoy .thanks for reading and please if u can give me any information to sale this i would greatly appresiate it

  16. I purchased a single unit a few years back. I was lied to. The amenities are not what I was promised. The quality of the resort is not what I was told. Every time I went there I could not use my unit. I was told they sold me the wrong thing. This happened several times and I paid the difference. I called to rent the units, now plural, that I purchased which was available for cash renters and they refused to rent it to me. That was the last straw. The privilege of unlimited wealth allows them to walk all over people, they can do what they want, I will not pay another dime for something I can’t use. They used high pressure tactics, twisted,turned and churned till I felt robbed. I have paid thousands and have received almost nothing. I am sure all you Branson folks are really enjoying the beautiful indoor water park, the outdoor theater, the sanitized vacuum packed linens, and the stables for your horses. I just hope they let you use your time.

  17. I’m not sure, if this is the same link, but some time last year and again this year, I’ve made submisions on the stealt tactics employed by westgate sale reps to entrap unsuspecting families seeking to either obtain some degree of investment or, gaining the opportunity to vacation at a reduce cost and minimal hassle. In 2009 my wife and I were suckered into a five unit transaction with promise that the company will rent them out to big companies such as Coca Cola etc during conferences: not to mentioned the hype that Disney may have purchased the facilities on site. (Old Wilson Rd.) Further, we were advised that we would be able to use the facility in 2011, but upon inquiry, they said we could not use it until 2013, which was most distrubing.The most unholy thing however, wgr demanded maintenance payment in the amount of $1400.00 from us even though we haven;t had a chance to see or use the facility. This just cannot be right! Please be advised that I’m also on board and would appreciate any info or update on this matter.

  18. George Vazquez says:

    I paid cash I told them not going to pay anymore. Can they make me.thank you

    • Rozana Almansour says:

      My husband and I were scammed too. We have had our two bedroom with a loft unit for over 10 years and haven’t used it but once. For the past ten years, we were paying outrageous maintenance fees. When we purchase it, the fees were $500.00 and now it is over $1000. Something needs to happen to stop those fraudulent owners. Now. we are unable to continue paying for something that we are unable to use. We need help and don’t know where to start. Please advise us. Thanks!

  19. Tracy Bain says:

    Hello i had my timeshare for 8 years I’m do tired of them treating me I am trying to get out of my contract I hVe them so much money and when you 1 day late they call you majority all day I hBave been a good customer and they treat us as if we old thousands at once how can I get in on the lawsuit against Westgate I purchased mines in Orlando I have to pay my maintenance and taxes plus my monthly payment and the tax and maintenance posed to went toward a hug water park for the kids which been over 5 years and it’s not done yet

  20. I need to get out of this Westgate crap! Any ideas? has anyone just stopped paying? what happens? can they put a lien on your home in Canada??

    • Hi,
      I am also Canadian, and I used to work for Westgate. I was fortunate enough to work for a floor which was honest, and our owners were happy, and bought more weeks all the time. I also have stayed in their properties a dozen times, and honestly, no other resort can compare.
      Having said that, I am in the middle of a class action lawsuit with them, for failing to pay it’s employees millions of dollars in commissions. My clients were super happy, and so was I, but in 2008, Mr. Seigel closed down the floors for a month; kept all our money (7000 employees), and then re-opened; never to pay us.
      Therefore, I must say that if you want out; there are a few things you can do. One, of course is…stop paying. They can only call or mail you. That’s it. No Canadian SS# is given, so no way to report it to Equifax.
      Secondly; keep it, use it, and just rent it out when not using it. The resorts are amazing; and in very high demand, so you will get alot of trading power. You will love it, really. If you can afford to keep it…do so. I work for their competitor now, and I truly do miss their resorts, rooms, jacuzzi suites, amenties and just all the free comforts you find in the rooms. I hate to admit it:( can sell or donate it. If you just bought it….you will not make money but maybe find someone to take over payments. You can also rent it out; to cover the maintenace fees. The rooms are very, very expensive on Expedia, Priceline, etc… so people love to rent from owners.
      Just google your options…. and there is a great site called
      which can rent or sell it for you; with pictures, paypal, etc…
      Good luck to you; sorry you are not happy. I hate Mr. Seigel for cheating me and all the others, but I honestly beleived in my product, used it and loved it, and I truly would have never worked there, had I known they would do that to us. My clients were locals, and I still talk to them, so I am not embarrassed; they love their rooms and especially the beach locations in Miami. They are not 5 star hotels, they are more like 3 or 4 stars for amenities, but the rooms are full aparments with kitchens and jacuzzis; unlike any other places down here.
      Again, as a fellow Canadian, if you think you may be able to afford keeping it….do so because it’s one of the best resorts out there. Places in Canada, like Collingwood or BC, don’t trade well, and they use RCI, which has alot of dumps. Interval International has the brand name resorts, like Starwood and Marriot, so it’s really nice to have. Good luck to you:)

      • I also a fellow Canadian and want to get out of my timeshare. It is just a scam as far as I am concerned. We bought our unit at the Planet Hollywood Resort that is now Elara by Hilton. I call Hilton to say I want to get rid of it they tell me I have to talk to Westgate Resale Department, Westgate say they are not buying back or reselling these units that I have to talk to Hilton. Round and round in circles we go!!!! What a rip off. It is robbery, how can they get away with it.

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