July 23, 2016

Westgate Resorts Class Action Lawsuit

Nevada court might finally deliver timeshare ripoff victims the justice they deserve.

It has been amazing that such a blatantly dishonest company as Westgate Resorts has been able to continue lying to customers and selling timeshare rip-off scams for as long as they have.

It actually appears that Westgate might finally get what they deserve. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Westgate Resorts that apparently has a very good shot of winning in a Nevada court.

Utah Stories has been inundated over the past three years since I wrote my initial story on Westgate: Hollywood Dreams and Timeshare Nightmares about how their salespeople were blatantly lying about the cost, fees and potential value of their timeshares for sale in Las Vegas and Miami. To get to know Westgate you must know Westgate’s owner.

Mr. David Siegal attends events with celebrities and business moguls such as Dolly Parton, Vanna White, David Hasselhoff and even Bill Gates. All of which  have had their photos taken with Mr. Siegal. Appearing as chum buddies, Mr Siegal attempts to builds his credibility like a parasite does with his host.  The Westgate offices are plastered with photos of people who we know and might trust with Mr. Siegal.

Business owners and celebrities don’t realize it might take years to wipe the slime off their hands after they touch or even pose with this guy. Mr. Siegal has the most dishonest sales force I’ve ever encountered. These people make used car sales people look like angels. They lie, cheat and steal from customers through “gotcha” contracts or contracts they don’t honor because they assume the victim will not go through the trouble of filing an out of state lawsuit. We have found this not only personally but through the hundreds of customer testimonials we have acquired. The flood of testimonials has made me believe this would be a perfect case for a class-action lawsuit.

Robert Paisola has on his blog The TimeShare Chronicles has documents related to the lawsuit filed under Nevada court. Anyone and everyone who has posted their stories on UtahStories.com should visit his site to see how to proceed in bringing  justice to Westgate and Mr. Siegal.

To learn about more of Westgate’s deceptive practices. Read about our stay in Westgate’s Miami “Five Star Luxury Resort”. Or any of our other five stories posted on this company.


  1. Anyone interested in taking off this scam? Free! Will sign over all does not matter now how much I lost, just to stop what I will loose in future and never able to use this Florida resort at all. LarryAndy@aol.com

  2. This is dated 2011? What of now, 2016? Want to join and pay back the lies, deceit and horrific cost to our family. Mockery from corporate representatives, laugh and say, go to paperse, sue, refuse and get destroyed by collection agencies and bad credit! Fact is, from first word to last today, all lies, deceipt and too bad, got your money, got your name and nothing you can do of it!

  3. We were told that we would get 3 weeks every year in Orlando by the salesperson, plus we would get the 6 weeks that we still had left in our RCI account, added to ourWestgate account, once we signed up with Westgate, and left RCI. Recently went to book a week for the fall for a trip to Disney… guess what? We have no weeks available. Come to find out, that the guy who sold us this, had been fired, along with the women who was the notary on our deed. Nice deceptive "BAIT AND SWITCH PRACTICES" We would entertain getting invovled in a class action lawsuit against this company! Please contact me at dicoman@charter.net. Thanks.

  4. Let me know if class action lawsuit ever comes to pass. Will gladly join in.

  5. I have been a victim and I would love to join this lawsuit t.knox3rd@hotmail.com

  6. We would like to be added to the lawsuit as well. We have been owners since 2003.. we are now un employed due to a massive lay off. We have excellent credit and are seniors..we can not afford a foreclosure and wait 7 years..we may not have 7 years with our health issues. Not only has this taken my vacation of a lifetime away but our children's and their children's as well. We have been honest paying clients and now are being treated like we are invisible. We are in a catch 22…and need help with this mistake we made years ago that will haunt our family members forever.

  7. I would be interested in being part of the lawsuit hokeystik1@gmail.com

  8. Siegal better find God almighty before he meets him in judgement!

  9. These people lied to me and my husband about this timeshare.We were never told of HOA fees or all the other fees for everything else to go along with anything you want to do. We also were told we could sell it back if we later chose to do so. Recently we tried to do this and our sales rep in Las Vegas is not responding to our calls and texts. I called a number I found on the website hoping to get help and was told "We dont buy back the timeshares." It is just a horrible situation and I dont know what to do. According to the lady I spoke with we are stuck with this timeshare or we can pay to give it back. Please email me with information on this class action lawsuit. garciajenn667@gmail.com

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