September 30, 2016

Terrapin Station Barbeque Co. is Now Open to Serve You!

“I’ll have your fries dry rubbed in Helldorado seasoning.”

“Are you sure, they are super hot.”

“Yes. I like hot.”

“Ok but I warned you.”

They tore up my insides and it took me a day to recover. But it was worth it, they were delicious!.

“Hence the name” said  Owner Alan Allred, who obviously enjoys watching customers grimace in pain as they eat his  hot sauces and rubs.

Terrapin Station Barbeque Co. is located at 2020 East 3300 South, in Salt Lake City.


Allred has been selling his sauces at the Farmer’s Market for years, and has operated and managed catering companies his entire life. “I once served Dick Cheny up in the Tetons,” he says. The BBQ brisket is tender and delicious all the sauces are homemade. Everything is extremely low-key. No plates, or dishes, but good food. I would have enjoyed my meal better on a plate, but I enjoyed it all the same. “We are counting on the smell to be our best form of advertising, says Allred. Their giant smokers are strategically positioned just off 3300 South.

Telephone Number : 801-808-5974 Restaurant Tel Number: 801-466-9246

Hours : Monday thru Saturday 10:30 Am to 9:00 Pm

And for more Information, visit their Website