September 27, 2016

UTAH in the news – National Headlines related to Utah

WSJ recognizes that LDS Leadership have an uphill battle to fight to help elect a Mormon President

Mormon’s Duck Political Duel

Is the advertising campaign the LDS Church running “I am a Mormon” –in presidential political swing states– actually disguised involvement promoting their two Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman? WSJ examines the interesting issue today.

Utah Dad Faces Bounty Offered to Prevent Him from
Becoming The Greatest Spartan.

Hobie Call fixes air conditioning units, but his passion is ultra-marathons. When he first heard there was a new race that offers an extreme obstacle course including crawling through mud, jumping over fiery hurdles and climbing ropes, he believed he would be perfect to win. He won and continues to defeat his opponents, with a record six straight wins in the Death Race circuit. Most people who start never finish, and event organizers believed that the buff muscle-bound, Russell Crowe-looking gladiator types would have the upper hand. Call has proven them wrong. In a Wall Street Journal interview Call believes his success is due to his small frame and excellent endurance. He’s strong enough to haul heavy buckets, but light enough to run great distances. If Call isn’t beat, he stands to win a $100K prize. But race organizers put a $20K bounty on anyone who can beat him. To his competitors Mr. Call says, “Good luck.”  Article from the WSJ