September 27, 2016

Archives for July 2011

The Sprague Library

“To me, reading is a joy,” she says.
The Sprague Library is open seven days a week, and this summer will be hosting a free music series every Thursday night.

Alzheimer’s : Care vs. Cure

An alternative to sitting in a “care” facility waiting to die: How about enjoying your final days!

Bee Sting Therapy

Chronic back pain? Inflammation? One Utah beekeeper says his bees can provide alternative, effective relief with no side-effects.

Salt Lake City Gay Pride Parade

An alternative to hiding in the shadows

Great Salt Lake Yacht Club

The alternative to dangerous deep ocean sailing can be found in Utah’s largest most under-utilized lake.

Urban Lunch Box

The guerilla gardening movement inspired Shawn Peterson to convert a school bus into a classroom on wheels.

An Alternative to Genocide Denial

Genocide still continues to this day. One method to dissuade further atrocities is to tell the stories accurately.

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