September 27, 2016

Archives for August 2011

Alpacas: Cute and Profitable

Kamas Utah proves an ideal place to raise Alpacas. Linda Gardner’s farm shows the gentle cousins of Llamas make good business for ranchers.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Find geology, historic intrigue and brunch in Little Cottonwood Canyon this summer.

Crumb Brothers

The Crumb Brothers Artisan Breads, not a Grimms Fairy Tale by Adam Vicinus   I’m a dipper. No, not the snuff you put in between your lower lip and gum. I’m talking about milk and cookies, biscuits and gravy, coffee and biscotti and one of my favorites, soup and bread. Strolling around the Downtown Farmers […]

The Salt Flat News

Reporting on one of the most uneventful places in Utah’s unique landscape, a newsman prints for five years.

Return of the Wackos: Saturday’s Voyeur Returns for 2011

Saturday’s Voyeur returns par excellence.

Sugar House Farmers Market

The farmers market in Sugar House is offered every Friday evening. Learn what is available there during August.

Uinta Brewing Company Goes Solar

August 10, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY — In an effort to continue their commitment to using renewable resources, Uinta Brewing Company recently installed solar-electric paneling on the brewery’s roof. 126 Schott 235 watt modules panels have been installed, allowing up to 30KW of electrical power to be generated for Uinta’s production—roughly 15% of the brewery’s power usage. In 2001, […]

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