September 25, 2016

Green Street in Trolley Square NOW CLOSED

Green Street closed after 33 years in business. A blow to Trolley Square who didn’t collect rent for six months prior to closure.

Green Street opened in 1978 where Wiseguys is currently located. The bar, restaurant changed hands several times the ambiance of the establishment changed with various owners visions. In the early two-thousands Green Street was very upscale. It was known as the expensive bar. I remember walking past cool people hanging out there as I was walking to the Spaghetti Factory. A few times I went in and awed at the coolness.

The Green Street at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City the space and patio are now sadly vacant

But then Green Street became the sports bar or every man’s bar, and a lot of the former cool people vacated. A friend of my cousin’s played their on Thursday nights, we went and listened and I noticed while the bar was full there were an absence of waitresses and people ordering drinks. “You don’t have to order anything if you don’t want to,”

my cousin informed me. Sadly when a bar appeals to “every man” they loose their sense of who they are and the bar ceases to make money. John Prince, was the last owner of Green Street. owner of 18 Applebees restaurants 8 Famous Dave’s Restaurants  as well as the Puck Bar in West Valley (which also appears like it might be closed).

Prince has been unavailable for comment. According to a source Green Street didn’t pay Trolley Square any rent for six months prior to their closure, Trolley Square management has confirmed that Prince was behind, and was evicted for not paying rent.