September 25, 2016

Uinta Brewing Company Goes Solar

new Uinta Brewing Company logoAugust 10, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY — In an effort to continue their commitment to using renewable resources, Uinta Brewing Company recently installed solar-electric paneling on the brewery’s roof.

126 Schott 235 watt modules panels have been installed, allowing up to 30KW of electrical power to be generated for Uinta’s production—roughly 15% of the brewery’s power usage. In 2001, Uinta became the first Utah business to become 100% Wind Powered; investment in solar energy is an extension of Uinta’s commitment to the environment and the Salt Lake community. Uinta’s power will now be 85% Wind and 15% Solar.

To further aid in awareness of the importance of using renewable energy, Uinta has installed a digital monitor which will display both the amount of energy Uinta is currently using and how much power the solar panels are generating for the brewery. This unit is on display in the foyer entrance to their brewery and brew pub.

Uinta hopes to continually find new ways of taking steps within the brewery to conserve energy to set an example in the Salt Lake business community. In addition to the solar panels, Uinta has installed “t8” lighting throughout the brewery. This form of lighting emits the same amount of light, while using only half the power required to illuminate the space.

Uinta Background

UINTA BREWING CO-Uinta Brewing Company embarked upon its mission of brewing world class, full-flavored, craft-brewed beer in 1993. Uinta Brewing is named after an east-west mountain range located in northeastern Utah. Many of Uinta’s beer names are inspired by Utah’s diverse landscapes or have historical significance. Uinta has broadened its market and can be found in 21 states from coast-to-coast, and has even ventured to other countries around the world. Uinta is committed to brewing world-class beer using the best practices and ingredients.

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