September 24, 2016

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Masters and Apprentices

We affectionately referred to Skyline as “a football dynasty with a high school attached.” Rowdy hallways filled with chest pounding giant meat heads Coach DuPaix recruited promising college football scholarships and a “continuation of the dynasty of state championships.” I wasn’t on the football team, but like the players I sailed through my classes and […]

To Infinity and Beyond!

Utah scientists David Evans and Ivan Sutherland pioneered the computer graphics department at the University of Utah with graduates who would go on to change the world.

New Liquor Laws Hurting Bar Owners And Patrons

The New York Times reported how The Utah State Legislature once again proved that they can’t feel like they have done their jobs unless they do some harm to local businesses who happen to sell beer and liquor. The absence of drink specials and “happy hour” make it more difficult for those who are on […]

The Ivory Bill Workshop

Custom paintings, sculptures, and handcrafted furniture available at Clayton Thompson’s Workshop.

Utah Education by the Numbers

Most graduating Seniors in Utah aren’t prepared for university level education and many of them are using colleges as a two-year track to become adequately prepared to study at a university.

Rock Star Dreams Become Reality

The Music Garage program provides rehearsal and performance services for both the youngsters and the oldsters of the community.

Utah Art Masters and Their Influence

LeConte Stewart followed by Alvin Gittins established a legacy of artistic excellence in Utah that continues today. LeConte Stewart’s Legacy How one prolific painter from Glenwood, Utah, began a 80-year tradition for exceptional art training at the University of Utah. Born in Glenwood, Utah, in 1891, LeConte Stewart attended Ricks Academy (currently BYU-Idaho) where, as […]

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