October 1, 2016

10,000 Reasons to Shop in Sugar House

Did you ever wonder where those exotic gifts you see of carved statues or beaded necklaces really come from? 10,000 Villages in Sugar House knows. They’re a non-profit branch of Fair Trade Federation, a global organization responsible for insuring that Artisans around the world receive fair compensation for their crafts as well as ensuring the profits come back to the village for much needed resources like education and clean drinking water.

Too often we hear about the exploitation of men, women and children and thanks to the fine work from non-profits like 10,000 Villages, future generations of Artisans can keep making their craft and in turn help out their community as well.

According to Neelam Chand, the Executive Director at the Salt Lake City Store, the biggest misconception about helping developing countries through non-profits is knowing where the money goes. “Our mission statement and personal philosophy dictates that the Artisan always comes first” she explained.

“It starts from remote villages around the world and ends up on our shelves.” Fair Trade helps guide the Artisans through the process of pricing and marketing and safeguards that no one is treated unfairly or exploited.

For More Information, visit the  Fair Trade Federation Website