September 30, 2016

Costume Cool

Pibs Exchange Halloween

All models are employees of Pib’s Exchange. From left to right: Bunny: Kat Weeks, Sailor: Stacy Snelgrove, Alice: Allison Shephard, Cupcake: Alex Andersen, Living dead Queen: Nagalh Garza, Voodoo Queen: Cara Dellorusso

The cool thing about Halloween night is walking into a convenience store around midnight and seeing Abraham Lincoln and a raccoon standing in line to buy potato chips. Yep, it’s that time of the year, and helping people make the creative most of it is the job of Heather Gwyther, Halloween manager of Pib’s Exchange in Sugar House.

“We’re getting really pumped up” she said. “We want to make this the best day of the year for people.” Gwyther noted that the hot items this season are animal costumes with big, bushy tails, such as foxes and skunks. “They definitely will get you noticed.”

The traditional costumes such as devils, angels, pirates and witches are always popular. But the zombie genre is where to find the action. Pib’s has blood-stained shirts and cosmetics to jazz up the look.

“Green zombie blood and face fungus, these are must haves,” Gwyther said. Some people go to great lengths creating their costumes, and Gwyther said the store can specialorder items provided they receive two weeks advance notice. The staff is eager to help with costume planning, including aiding those who come in at the last minute. “If you need a quick fix, go for something black and a mask”, Gwyther said.

As for her favorite costume, Gwyther said it was a Frankenstein that stood a head taller than the person wearing it. This year, she is dressing her family as rag dolls. “It’s my daughter’s first year trick-or-treating and we’re going to have a blast!”

Popular Costumes for 2011


Play dumb all night, or if you are dumb, no need to act! Girls dig the tough quiet type.

Pirate Halloween CostumePirate

ARRR Mateys! This costume works if you don’t try to play Johnny Depp but instead do classic pirates like Black Beard. Yes there were pirates before Johnny.


Perfect for girls with a foxy figure. Don’t forget the tail and remember to growl and maybe later purr.

Angel Halloween CostumeAngel

To pull off going as an angel or a cherub requires just the right face. But of course fallen angels have a certain naughty allure.


Peppe Le Pew had it right: You charm the opposite sex with sweet talk and poetry and all the pieces will fall into place.