September 26, 2016

October 2011 Readers Forum

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First off, I’d like to tell you how much I enjoy Utah Stories. Ever since I discovered it last fall, I look forward to the each month’s issue. I love how local and relevant the articles are. I just finished reading the latest issue (July 2011) and am sorry to say that I was pretty disappointed with the editing. I found the typos to be very distracting and at some point found it hard to focus on the topics presented due to the proliferation of spelling mistakes, misplaced words, incorrect punctuation and the like.

I’m writing not to complain, but to offer my help. I’m sure you guys are swamped and really busy getting each issue ready for printing. I would be more than happy to look over an article or two each month. I’m sure there are many other “friends” of Utah Stories who would be glad to do the same. If my assistance would be helpful, let me know. If you don’t need it or want it, I won’t be offended. Thanks for putting together such a great local magazine. I’ve discovered so many cool things about Utah because of you guys.

-Janine Donald

Dear Editor, I received a copy of Utah Stories at the Farmer’s Market and looked forward to reading the stories. The article on page 10 about Utah Education by the Numbers looked very interesting until I read “The next top enrollment numbers are from Snow Collage…” What an irony to have the word college misspelled. I continued reading but to my dismay saw more and more errors.

p. 11 no comma “..better students better professors.”p. 12 Algebra is not capitalized; p. 13 Fall is not capitalizedp. 13
misuse of colons, twice. p. 14 form instead of fromp.15 article on Edwin Catmull misspelled and used Ewin instead p. 16
spacing error A Bug’s Life(1998) p. 17 confusing “But it in provided…” What is in provided? Missing commas, p. 18
“LeConte Stewart has hundreds famous plein air paintings…” should be hundreds of …p. 21 livelyhood is misspelled p.
30 unphased is misspelled p. 34 boluevard is misspelled p. 22 end punctuation should be inside quotation marks “…
Pixar”. No end punctuation “…a one-hit wonder” p. 23 re several fragments and this list is a fraction of the errors. What
a disappointment that a professional publication should have so many sloppy errors. I hope your proofreader and editor are
well now from whatever illness they must have had and can check errors more closely.

Editor’s Response

Thanks Pam and Janine,
Do you need a job? Seriously, I greatly appreciate the feedback. I especially appreciate that we have such educated readers who catch all the errors. And we had other letters about this that weren’t quite so nice.

I’m frankly embarrassed, and I take complete responsibility. We have made some changes in our proofing process and staff. I appreciate when readers bring any problems they find to my attention.