September 30, 2016

Pithy Epitaphs

Pithy Epitaphs TombstonesAdvice for the living, direct from the dead.

Photos fade, records are filed away, memories die with the dead. After 50 to 100 years there are few records that even speak to the existence of a particular human, which is why epitaphs were once very important.

Tombstone epitaphs that are found in area graveyards provide insights into life’s journey and allow the living to appreciate those who have passed.

How many hopes lie buried here – Agnes Shoup 1882-1908

The only things that count in life are the imprints of love which we leave behind us after we are gone. Irene Wiley 1920-1990

Life is ever Lord of death and Love can never lose its own. Melvina Woods 1850 – 1940

One short sleep to wake eternally and death shall be no more. Ellen Cashin 1888-1977

Fling down the faded blossoms of the spring. Nor clasp the roses with regretful hand. The joy of summer is a vanished thing. Let it depart and learn to understand. Alice Thomas 1871-1956.

The end of the trail. Maj. William Woods, US Calvalry 1841 – 1920

In the Midst of life we are in death. James Lonsdale 1852-1909

They had a strange and Unique relationship. He was strange and she was unique. Ray Bernhardt 1943 -1944.

Death thou art but another birth freeing the spirit from the clogs of earth.  David Adamson 1819 – 1876.

LIFE IS AMAZING. John Kelly – 1922 – 2007