September 27, 2016

Archives for November 2011

Local Florists Blooms

Salt Lake shops take on recession to show that buying flowers is still about the people.

Trademarks & The Little Guy

Utah entrepreneur sued for use of the word “entrepreneur.”

Dogs, DNA & Devotion

New research and why dogs and humans are such a perfect fit.

Parties On

Who are the Occupiers running Occupy SLC? Meet one who happens to be running for President

Huntsman Sr. in Support of Occupy Wall Street

Jon Huntsman Sr. was recently quoted in The New York Times in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement saying that the rich should give their money to the poor.

Utah Farmer Talks Turkey

A Utah family let’s you see what goes into raising the turkey on your table.

Bill Gates is Coming to Town

Known for his philanthropy and his being the richest man on Planet Earth, Bill Gates will likely come to Utah to testify over a lawsuit filed by Novell, based in Utah County. Bill Gates and Microsoft Word won world domination, and Word Perfect lost its dominant position as the best word processing software. The battle was […]

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