September 29, 2016

Bill Gates is Coming to Town

Bill Gates of MicrosoftKnown for his philanthropy and his being the richest man on Planet Earth, Bill Gates will likely come to Utah to testify over a lawsuit filed by Novell, based in Utah County. Bill Gates and Microsoft Word won world domination, and Word Perfect lost its dominant position as the best word processing software. The battle was lost, but perhaps not the war. The case boils down to: Did Bill Gates and Microsoft use its power in rewriting the Windows 95 operating system to thwart Novell’s efforts to make their software compatible? A federal judge in a Salt Lake City court will decide. Novell is seeking $500 million $1.2 billion for alleged monopoly practices. This story has been reported on ABC News, Fox News and best by the Deseret News’ Dennis Romboy.

“I’ll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one.”  –Sign held by Occupy Wall Street protestor