September 27, 2016

December 2011 Readers Forum

Reader Comments:

I am a huge fan of Skull Valley, I try to go out there at least once a week, I was very impressed by the article, there is so much beauty and history out there. I always tell people, it was originally named Spring Valley, because contrary to popular belief there is a lot of water out there, mostly geothermal springs. It is, in my opinion not at all as the name describes. I would be very interested in speaking with Cory Hoopiiaina if at all possible. Thank you for the article. I absolutely love this place and frequently take my friends out there giving them history lessons on the way. I also have a Facebook page dedicated to Skull Valley,  P.S. Lone Rock is great for Muddin’

–Cole Wharton

The U.S. Trademark Office lies under the jurisdiction of the U.S. federal government. Couldn’t a case be mounted for people to write to their Congresspersons to rein in this ‘law unto themselves’? Individually, small businesses can be picked off all too easily They need to organize. All manner of groups get petitions on the Internet, furthering their causes. This is an eminently sensible one. But the average citizen isn’t going to get it off the ground. Yes, we will all benefit by a fairer regimen in this sort of regard. But we don’t have a particular dog in that fight. Get some newspapers to make editorial comments on the silliness and high-handedness of such decisions. Expose. Expose. The light can clear up many an infection of the body politic.


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