September 26, 2016

Archives for August 2012

Utah Ghost Towns

Boom towns that once were once full of action and jobs but now lost and forgotten.

Chicken Coops Are Family Chic in Utah

Backyard chickens offer a connection between the city slickers and small town farmers.

Cinematic History Made in Kanab

The rich history of Hollywood’s favorite backlot for western films.

Dude Where’s my Ranch? Utah’s famous dude ranch is up for sale.

Defas Dude Ranch: “The Disneyland for rednecks” is up for for Sale

Karma Catching up to Westgate Owner David Siegel

Westgate Resort scams are finally catching up with the owner who is now suffering financial woes, chronicled in a new documentary film.

Wild Mustangs in Utah’s West Desert

Although some consider them a nuisance these wild horses prove they can’t be easily dragged away.

Sugar House Scene — Preserving the famous signs in Sugar House

Among growing development projects, Can Sugar House’s famous signs be preserved?

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