September 30, 2016

Utah Senate OKs Prison Move –Big Payday For Senator Niederhauser


Utah State Senator Wayne Niederhauser.

Utah State Senator Wayne Niederhauser.

One of the sleaziest forms of get-rich-quick schemes found especially in Sandy and Draper is developers going into the business of politics in order to find and accomplish special favors.

Senator Wayne Niederhauser scored a big win yesterday passing a bill in the Utah State Senate that would move the Draper prison. This would be a great idea for State Senator Wayne Niederhauser, who owns land that will skyrocket in value due to the move, but it’s a terrible idea if you happen to be a Utah taxpayer.

The bill to move the prison for taxpayers will be $600 million. The sell of the land is likely to fetch around $140 million. Operational savings will be $17 million. This means the $460 million shortfall will take 27 years before taxpayers are in the black on the deal.

Kudos to City Weekly reporting on this story in detail.