October 1, 2016

Archives for August 2013

utahstories x Dress-Lace Maxi Lace Dress

If you are looking for something that gives off that angelic vibe, then check out this utahstories x dress-lace pure white maxi lace dress. The material is lightweight and the super thin spaghetti straps give it a delicate look. It does toss a little naughty in with all that nice as there is a high […]

SLC Marketplace: Red Hot and Shawarma King Now Open

Check out two of the newest restaurants worth trying in Salt Lake City.

Why are the Germans coming to Hwy 12?

Find out why Highway 12 is such a popular place for motorcyclists form Europe.

Got Beauty’s Owner Tammy Taylor Explains How She Found Her Niche

Why Got Beauty is not afraid of big box retail and mall cosmetic departments.

Laziz Middle Eastern Spreads

Recipes for hummus date back to a 13th-century Cairo cookbook. How two Utah chefs are returning the ancient recipe for Utah foodies to enjoy.

Neumont University moves to Main Street SLC

Neumont University found a new home in downtownwhich has created a different school experience for there students who attend.

Eating crickets, not just for reality TV shows

Chapul Cricket Energy Bars are a hit with outdoor enthusiasts. Have you had your cricket intake for the day?

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