September 30, 2016

Blue Nile: Ethiopian Cuisine to Indulge Your Senses

You know you will need to find an oasis quickly when Salt Lake City breaking the 100-degree mark and it is only June. Don’t you worry, hot and weary traveler on State Street, Blue Nile and its Ethiopian delights are here to take care of you.

Ethiopian cooking is steeped in ancient traditions that make the menu of the Blue Nile delicious and delightful to discover. Typical of Ethiopian cuisine, injera and wot build the core of the Blue Nile menu. Injera (made from the ancient grain ”teff”) is a soft and fragrant sourdough based (gluten free!) flatbread that is served in neat little plushy rolls used to pick up the food which itself is also served on injera bread. Diners tear little pieces off the injera to pick up the vegetarian and meat-based main offerings known as wot.

If you enjoy spices and spicy food in varying degrees you have come to the right place. On a hot day try the fragrant “Awaze Tibs” – cubed prime beef sautéed and simmered

Blue Nile

Meat and vegetable combination. The meat combination is combined from three separate dishes– the Kay Wot, Yesiga Aicha, and Doro Wot. The vegetable combination includes puree peas, split lentils, yellow split peas, collard green and green beans.