September 27, 2016

Lumi Bistro is Now Open


Some coffee is fine for after dinner but the coffee they were serving at the Himalayan Kitchen deserved its own recognition. In a visit to Nepal with Himalayan Kitchen owner Surya Bastakoti, his wife Carmen Fournier fell in love with the local coffee grown on the foothills of the Himalayas. They returned with over a ton of it with the intention that the green beans, roasted locally by Millcreek Coffee Roasters, would be the first step into starting her own cafe. The coffee has been served at the restaurant and various public events for the past two years. Patrons loved the special roast after dinner, but Fournier wanted a place for the beans front and center, along with unique European inspired food. Voila! Lumi Bistro was born.

Lumi Bistro  Sourcing all of the menu ingredients with chef and partner Evan Sherow, their sandwiches feature house-roasted meats, local cheese and daily fresh-baked soft baguettes. (I don’t like baguette sandwiches unless the baguettes are on the softer side; they got it right). The baked brie and fig almond jam sandwich was my wife’s favorite, served with an excellent couscous salad. In-house baked treats such as rhubarb ginger cake and chocolate mousse also delight. The house salad with butter leaf lettuce, toasted hazelnuts and grainy pub mustard honey vinaigrette sends plates back clean!

Included in the weekend specials was a Bellini creation made from fresh farmers market nectarines mashed and soaked with strawberries and mint in champagne, a truly unique treat that we unsuccessfully tried to replicate at home. Also featured was a local Creminelli Sopressata and Calabrese with Rockhill Tomme cheese sandwich. Wow is this an awesome lunch! Interested in providing meals that both men and women enjoy. This Lumi lunch satisfied my man hunger. Unlike the other downtown sandwich shops, Lumi isn’t your fast in-and-out sandwich coffee shop, but indeed a bistro made for a longer visit located on a street just a half block north of the library that offers interesting people watching. The decor features tables made from antique reclaimed lumber, air ferns, and original local art and photography.  “It’s very light, contemporary, but with rustic elements.” The ambiance and overall atmosphere is a great addition to Salt Lake. Lunch is around $10-$14 with entree, a side and drink. It’s well worth the price and a definite must-try.

Lumi Bistro is located at

350 South 200 East

Hours: Monday (Closed)

Tues-Fri 9am – 6pm

Saturday 11am – 6pm

Sunday 11am – 3pm