September 25, 2016

Utah Stories Advertising

Utah Stories’ Unique Business Model

For over three years Utah Stories has been Utah’s fastest growing independent local news provider. We have grown organically, by gaining the grass-roots support of local businesses who wish to enhance the coverage and strengthen the voice of Utah’s small business community.

Utah Stories unique business model  maintains a free magazine containing quality local journalism offering one-third fewer ads per page than other free local magazines. We have done this because we bank on the fact that quality sells itself. We only recently hired an Account Manager to serve our advertisers and most of our leads come from businesses who wish to sign up or reader’s referring us to businesses that “should be in Utah Stories”.

By having fewer ads and emphasizing the quality of all of our advertisers, Utah Stories advertising offers proven results. Eighty percent of all advertisers who have signed on to Utah Stories have remained with us.

The bottom line: If your business meets our standards for quality and excellence, there is no better way to get more customers in your door and more dollars in your register than advertising in Utah Stories magazine.

Are you a interested in advertising with Utah Stories?  to learn more and receive a free press kit, which includes more demographic information, rates, special offers and back issues.

Utah Stories Demographics and Circulation

Utah Stories magazine circulation: 24,000

Distribution: Over 800 locations in downtown Salt Lake City including all downtown hotels, all metro Whole Foods; as well as nearly every locally owned restaurant, coffee shop, bar and many boutiques. Utah Stories has now recently expanded distribution into Westminster College as well as Ogden, Park City, Sandy and Bountiful. Do you know of a great high volume location we have missed? Send us a distribution referral and we will send you two free tickets to Brewvies Cinema Pub. Send your distribution recommendation to Richard (at) utahStories (dot com) (please don’t spam me and I’ll return the favor.)

Utah Stories Reader Demographics: (Information gained from collecting over 600 online reader surveys)

  • Wide age range of readers: reaching a 60% readership between the ages of 21-35 and 40% readership is 36-65.
  • Average yearly income: $58,000 per year
  • Education: 75% of our readers have a Bachelor’s degree, 85% have some college
  • Readers eat out on average three times per week.

Our Niche:

There is a growing number of consumers who are conscious of how their spending habits impact their local marketplace. Every dollar spent is in essence the most powerful vote we have in shaping both the economics and vibrancy of our communities. It is an integral part of Utah Stories’ mission to find the best local providers and promote them to consumers who are most likely to patronize their stores.

If you are one of these providers (for either goods or services), please fill out this form and we will determine if your business is a good fit for Utah Stories advertising.

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