September 30, 2016

Moab Land Grab

Does Utah’s southern wilderness belong to the federal government or mineral industries?

Inside at the Salt Palace, Looking Out

Outsider’s opinion on the Utah Outdoor Retailer’s Expo.

Crows and Wildlife Watchers lose big

In the 7th and final hearing to address Utah’s first crow hunt, the Wildlife Board voted, 3-2, to approve it. Those attending the hearing responded with shouts of “Boo!” and “Shame!” and claimed the board ignored overwhelming public disdain as well as scientific evidence against the hunt. Read more here.

Not Your Average Farmer

During the growing season, Randall Ercanbrack scales up and down nearby Y Mountain before most of us are rolling out of bed. In the off season, this peach and cherry farmer pursues heights. As in Himalayan mountains and extinct Ecuadorian volcanoes. Read more at UtahOutsider

The Murder of Crows

You can now shoot crows in Utah, thanks to the Wildlife Board’s 3-2 vote in favor of the new hunting season. But amid the public outcry and for the first time in its history, the Board will convene another public hearing. Read about the controversy at UtahOutsider.

Peaches or Patios: Suburbs Pressure American Fork Land

A Utah County Farmer struggles with the oncoming development surrounding his lands.

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