October 1, 2016

Beer Issue 2016

Red Rock Brewery’s Holiday Ale Hits Harmons Grocery Stores

A lighter version of Griswald’s Ale (4.0% ABV) will be sold exclusively through Harmon’s Grocery stores and will be packaged as Red Rock Brewing Holiday Ale.

How Beer Saved Park City – Part II

Park City moves from a bust mining town to a vibrant community with the help of beer.

How Beer Saved Park City – Part I

Beer has played a vital overlooked aspect in Park City’s historical status. How did alcohol save one of Utah’s top tourist locations? Read the history here.

MacCools Opens a Beer Garden in Layton.

Layton, Utah? A good place to get a beer? Thanks to MacCools the answer is an emphatic — Yes!

Big Cottonwood Canyon May Be Cotton Bottomless

The Cotton Bottom Inn, a local Holladay favorite, may be forced to shut down due to new city license requirements.

Hopped Up: Hoppers Brew Pub Brewer Wins Gold Medal

Hoppers Brew Pub offers adventurous flavors and will soon feature a New Zealand draft.

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