September 28, 2016

Young Living Farms Wacky Somalian Adventures

Gary Young visited Somalia seeking frankincense. According to Sultan Yusuf Ahmed Salah Young is now using photos without consent to help tell a fictional account of what transpired.

Quitting Her Day Job: One Utah Artist’s Journey

Former Utah corporate designer moves into a career as a full-time artist. How did she do it? Find out here.

Meet Moab’s 92-Year-Old Trail Runner

Moab’s veteran trail runner, Jean McDowell, has been hiking the Mill Creek Trail for 30 years.

Utah’s Didgeridoo Maker

“First Woman took the didgeridoo, pointed it towards the night sky and blew through it. She filled the universe full of stars.” –Australian folk legend. With the didgeridoo, cosmic time and cultural time are pretty darn similar. It’s sonorous deep drone has been called the “voice of the Earth.” Anthropologists believe Australian aborigines have been […]

Ogden’s Gift House Pawn Still Thriving

Every pawn shop owner has a story to tell. Read about Scott Vanleeuwen’s love of Winchester rifles.

Castle Creek Winery and Wine Making in Utah

A History of wine making in Southern Utah.

West High Students Check Out Chess

West High Students make the grade… in Chess, Check it Out!

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