October 1, 2016

The Sugar Hole Strikes Back

Craig Mecham still will not speak about what he plans to do with his next “Sugar Hole”. But it’s clear now that charming local businesses are forced to find another place to live.

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Police can seize your property and belongings with no obligation to return it in every state except for one.

New Bike Lanes on 300 South in Downtown SLC

Local business owners and residents are mixed about the new bike lanes on 3rd South, but how does the city respond?

Report Used in Young Living Farms Case Against DoTERRA Suspect

Was the evidence that Young Living filed in a court case against doTERRA in 2013 fraudulent?

Geist Rally in Salt Lake City

hundreds of protesters and hundreds more motorists demonstrate that pets are more than personal property.

Why the Salt Lake Tribune Will Fail Unless the DOJ Takes Action

The only entity that can save the Salt Lake Tribune is the Department of Justice. Read our sources for our cover story on why we conclude the Trib’s days are numbered if action isn’t taken.

Deseret News Conspires to Expedite Demise of Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune’s assets have been sold by their parents company to the Deseret News. Can Utah’s 147-year-old newspaper survive?

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