September 30, 2016

Young Living Farms Receives a Warning Letter from the FDA

The ramifications could have severe consequences on the entire essential oils industry in Utah.

West-ward Ho: Cowboy West Taylor

How one salesman left his busy city-life for a simple cowboy’s life on the prairie.

Young Living Farms Wacky Somalian Adventures

Gary Young visited Somalia seeking frankincense. According to Sultan Yusuf Ahmed Salah Young is now using photos without consent to help tell a fictional account of what transpired.

Clean Air Rally A Huge Success According to Organizers

Five thousand protesters organized on Saturday against Utah’s poor air quality.

Spooky Politics… Be Afraid

Are our elected officials doing what the say they do? You decide how it effects you and whether they will spook you or not.

School Lunch! Making yummy meals for kids.

The Provo School District serves up some yummy options for the kiddos

Tour of Utah

Jens Voigt proves he has what it takes to take on Utah’s roads and the fierce competition he faced in the Tour of Utah

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