September 28, 2016

Holiday Shopping Guide

Holiday Shopping Guide From Utah StoriesWelcome to our second annual holiday shopping guide. Utah Stories has carefully selected our favorite places to shop for the holiday season throughout our various community shopping centers around Salt Lake City.

Let’s get past all the touchy-feely reasons why it is a good idea to patronize local businesses and let’s examine the facts: the best way you can ensure your sovereignty and strengthen your voice in your community is to patronize locally owned businesses.

Just how do we reach this conclusion? Not only do homegrown businesses carry more locally made products, which are generally higher quality and more unique, but when we choose to buy local the economic impact is 70% greater than if we buy from a chain store. Dollars trickle down and are passed through more hands around us instead of going to shareholders or overseas.

Also, as we point out in this issue, when we have local businesses in our marketplace, we all benefit because of our shared concerns and common debate. Debates over how our communities are shaped and formed should remain a local issue. Supporting locals over corporate chains ensures that our community government and the growth of our cities is conducted by locals for locals, instead of by Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Burger King, The Gap and Victoria’s Secret for them and their shareholders. It is an important choice you can make. Your purchases have even more power than your vote. Choose wisely, and choose the best. Utah Stories has chosen to represent the best of local Utah. Patronize them and tell them you found them in Utah Stories.

Broadway Shopping Guide

  • Lorenz Knives
  • Q Clothing
  • Ken Sanders Rare Books
  • Tony Caputo’s
  • Especially For You Flowers
  • Bruges Waffles and Frites

Sugar House Central Shopping Guide

  • Unhinged Clothing
  • Smith Crown Co.
  • Salt Lake Surf Shop
  • Sterling Furniture
  • Fankhauser Jewelry

Sugar House North Shopping Guide

  • Tempest Boutique
  • Two Dancing Cats
  • Trifecta Flowers and Gifts
  • Details Comforts for the home
  • Fins Cafe
  • 10,000 Villages

Sugar House South Shopping Guide

  • Got Beauty
  • Pib’s Exchange
  • Sugar House Furniture

Trolley Square Shopping Guide

  • The Hive Gallery & Boutique
  • Payne Anthony Jewelers
  • Desert Edge Brew Pub
  • Daglian Oriental Rug Company

Millcreek/ Canyon Rim Shopping Guide

  • Evergreen Framing Gallery
  • Cactus & Tropicals
  • Frosts Books
  • England Plumbing
  • Millcreek Olive Oil Company

Beer Lover’s Shopping Guide

  • Uinta Brewing Company
  • Squatters Brewery
  • Bohemian Brewery
  • The Bayou
  • Salt City Brewing Supply
  • The Beerhive Pub
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