September 26, 2016

The Ivory Bill Workshop

Custom paintings, sculptures, and handcrafted furniture available at Clayton Thompson’s Workshop.

Utah Art Masters and Their Influence

LeConte Stewart followed by Alvin Gittins established a legacy of artistic excellence in Utah that continues today. LeConte Stewart’s Legacy How one prolific painter from Glenwood, Utah, began a 80-year tradition for exceptional art training at the University of Utah. Born in Glenwood, Utah, in 1891, LeConte Stewart attended Ricks Academy (currently BYU-Idaho) where, as […]

Ralphael’s Passion for Sculpture

Amazing Places: One local artist’s quest to understand Heaven and Hell is carved into the walls of his basement

Helper, Utah: Artist’s Paradise

See how artists have revitalized Helper, Utah into attracting some of the best artists in the inter-mountain west to stay their and work.

Capturing Shields of Cities

Enter the realm of manhole art

Recycling Urban Trees Into Works of Art

Kurt and Melody Bellock find success in transforming dead old growth urban trees into living works of art.

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