September 26, 2016

Ken Sanders Rare Books Forced to Relocate

A downtown bookstore of 17 years may be forced to relocate. Can the city do anything to help?

Maze Runner Author to Have Q&A at Jordan Commons Theater

Author James Dashner hosts opening night showing of The Maze Runner Megaplex Jordan commons on Friday, Sept 19th.

Pete And His Ghosts

You won’t see Pete Marshall dressed up for Halloween this year. Ghosts and communication with the underworld are nothing new for this veteran book dealer.

Salt Lake City’s 15th & 15th

When the King’s English bookshop opened in 1977, the 15th and 15th area was a strip of half-empty storefronts and dying businesses surrounded by residential homes.
Salt Lake Drug once dominated the eastern side of the block, and entering it felt like taking a trip back to 1954 for some caster oil and sock-garters. The Western side was dotted with small businesses like a laundromat and a dry cleaner, where local women would have their furs cleaned and stored.

The Khan Academy

In recent years, there have been many people and organizations who have dedicated themselves to improving the declining American school system. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to be an incredibly difficult task.

Why Ken Sanders is Not Afraid of The Letter “E”

The story of the declines in revenue of local independent book sellers to Amazon and Barnes and Noble has been sad to witness. But luckily, people who work around books all day tend to be smart and quick to adapt. Ken Sanders has been in the book business for nearly 40 years, and he has proven to be an expert in business survival.

The Brave New Virtuality

Brave New World is a science fiction novel written by Aldous Huxley in 1931. The book depicts a futuristic society where people have free access to drugs and sex, and they are ruled by a powerful controlling entity that is a highly efficient marriage of government and corporate power.

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