September 29, 2016

Gateway Changes

Things are looking up at Gateway as a new owner steps in to with improvements and new tenants.

Parking and Justice for All

Do the new downtown Salt Lake parking meters help or hurt local business?

Downtown SLC Christmas Lights Have Been Good Business

It isn’t Santa’s elves that string up SLC’s Main Street Lights, it’s a hard-working entrepreneur.

Long Live the New Campfire Lounge

A restaurant with a campfire-like atmosphere? Visit the new Campfire Lounge.

Main Street Hangs On For City Creek Center

Will local merchants survive to see the completion of the City Creek Center?

Salt Lake Mixes Sacred Space and Sustainability

Salt Lake City is the world headquarters for the fastest growing church in America, and the influence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is everywhere.

A Main Street Revival or the Next ‘Vatican City’?

How the LDS Church is re-staking its claim in downtown Salt Lake City culture and retail power

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