September 27, 2016

Bill Gates is Coming to Town

Known for his philanthropy and his being the richest man on Planet Earth, Bill Gates will likely come to Utah to testify over a lawsuit filed by Novell, based in Utah County. Bill Gates and Microsoft Word won world domination, and Word Perfect lost its dominant position as the best word processing software. The battle was […]

To Infinity and Beyond!

Utah scientists David Evans and Ivan Sutherland pioneered the computer graphics department at the University of Utah with graduates who would go on to change the world.

Repairing The Boxes That Make Heroes

Video games are the new most effective mode of escapism and home entertainment. When the video game industry skyrocketed past the movie industry in sales, video game companies and their talented teams of designers became respected as the creators of the worlds that millions of teens as well as adults now choose to inhabit.

WiFi is Obsolete: 4G WiMax comes to Salt Lake City

One new technology is turning heads and changing the way people work, play, and do business.

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