September 26, 2016

Cottonwood Heights and DUIs

Records show more Cottonwood Heights PD DUIs dismissed than other Wasatch Front police agencies

Beau Babka: “Canyon Inn was a target”

The Canyon Inn was in fact a specific target for police harassment, according to former officer Beau Babka.

Cottonwood Heights –Meet the New Suburbia

Is Cottonwood Heights the new model as the Wasatch Front suburbs become cities? Sheriff Jim Winder offers his opinions on the issue.

cottonwood heights residents protest against police harassment

Residents protest the treatment the are receiving from their police department and Mayor.

Cottonwood Heights: The GRAMA Results are In

Read our follow-up on the outlandish number of DUIs being issued in Cottonwood Heights. The results may disturb you.

Standing Their Ground III

Cottonwood Heights’ expected growth in the next twenty years threatens the preservation of its local character.

Standing Their Ground II

Several local businesses in the Cottonwood Heights area may be forced to relocate after the new development project.

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