September 30, 2016

Jordan River Parkway–Wasatch Front Long Distance Trail

In the spirit of the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail, Utah’s Jordan River Parkway Trail offers recreation and exploration along the Wasatch Front.

How and Why Tuition in Utah Has Doubled in the Last Decade

Tuition at the University of Utah saw its lowest increase in years, but why did it skyrocket over the last decade while the school continues to construct lavish new buildings?

Sugar (Hole) Water Ain’t So Sweet

Groundwater in Sugar House is affecting current developments.

Standing Their Ground II

Several local businesses in the Cottonwood Heights area may be forced to relocate after the new development project.


With today’s corporations taking over every city in America, any trace of nature, culture or art will soon disappear.

Standing Their Ground

Cottonwood Heights business owners stand up against heavy-handed police.

City Creek Center: The true cost of the Mormon mall

Why the Crossroads Mall and the ZCMI Center were torn down to build the City Creek Center.

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