September 24, 2016

Current Fish & Oyster

A restaurant that brings a sophisticated ambiance to downtown Salt Lake City.

Broadway Bee: Boarded Buildings

Downtown SLC, UT has its share of abandoned buildings, what have other states done to fix this issue?

300 South Bikepath: Cyclists Still Use the Sidewalk

Even with a costly construction price tag, the 300 South bike lanes fail to deliver.

Ethnic Foods in SLC

Read up on some of the best ethnic food offerings in SLC.

Salt Lake Vintage Flea Market & Auction

Where can you find a flea market with only rare, vintage items in SLC? Look no further.

Downtown SLC Christmas Lights Have Been Good Business

It isn’t Santa’s elves that string up SLC’s Main Street Lights, it’s a hard-working entrepreneur.

How Salt Lake City’s Main Street Was Traded for Wall Street, Pt. 2

With the domineering presence of chain stores, downtown SLC has lost much of its vibrancy and uniqueness.

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