October 1, 2016

Utah’s Suburban Drug Use

Drug addiction in Utah can lie behind many closed doors. What can be done to help the addicts in need?

Homeless in Salt Lake

How does Salt Lake’s homeless population impact local businesses?

SLC Punk

Former LDS Missionary unveils Salt Lake City’s drug trade. A local musicians’ story of Sex, Drugs and…..Mormonism? Tom Bennett isn’t exactly a punk rocker, but he carries the persona. He brands tattoos and wears rocker’s apparel with a disheveled hair style. From Tom’s appearance one might never guess he was once a Mormon Missionary. Tom […]

Police Smoking Out Spice Dealers

SLC police are attempting to crack down on Spice, but there’s a problem, it’s not illegal. . . yet

Eastern vs. Western Medicine

When you have a headache, which hemisphere of the world do you turn to for help. The differences between Eastern and Western Medicine.

Why Kids “Robo-Trip”

A guide for parents and the media who wonder why kids abuse all sorts of legal and illegal substances that lead to bodily harm and death. by J. E. Miller   Edited by Ann Gambrino  Within two days, five teens overdosed at schools in Salt Lake City from legal medications. Some say this is a growing trend. […]

Paxil Truth

The side-effects your doctor isn’t telling you about.

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