September 25, 2016

Grantsville’s Honey Harvest Festival

Join the residents of Grantsville as they celebrate farming and local history.

Backyard Chicken Farming

Chicken farming is easy, fun, and can be done in any yard. Read up on how you can start your own poultry paradise.

Keeping It Real in Urban Farming

Not all farms are rural. Some are surrounded by neighborhoods and businesses. Where can you find some throughout Salt Lake City?

Bown Dairy: Industrial Utah Farm

Industrial farming helps to increase production at levels organic or grass-fed can’t match. Read how this Utah family has been able to keep their farm for generations.

Petersen Family Farm

How do you run a successful farm in the middle of a sprawling suburbia? It might be more difficult than you think.

Sugar House Prison Farm

The old Utah prison was a thriving business in Sugar House. Who started it? Who were the first prisoners? The answers might surprise you.

Hobby Farming in Utah: Gov’t Forces one Man to Sell Land

Utah is one of the worst states for farmers. Read how enforced rezoning laws forced one man to sell his pastures and abandon his property.

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