September 27, 2016

Redmond Heritage Farms

The most difficult part of of running grass-fed dairy farmer isn’t the production… it’s the government. But why is Uncle Sam so concerned over healthy raw milk?

Hobby Farming in Utah: Gov’t Forces one Man to Sell Land

Utah is one of the worst states for farmers. Read how enforced rezoning laws forced one man to sell his pastures and abandon his property.

Trademark Wars: Small Businesses Fight Back Against Abusive Intellectual Property Lawsuits

What to do when small business owners are threatened by larger corporations.

Justice for Geist: The Backyard Dog Killed By SLC Officer

An honored SLC officer shoots and kills a backyard dog. How does justice serve this scenario?

Get Some Guns and Ammo (and Fear)

Will President Obama really take your guns away? by Jacob Hodgen While the residents of some states are flocking to Starbucks to pledge community service in preparation for Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony, Utahns are turning out in droves at a much different local hangout: gun stores. The mood is cheery, yet hectic as I walk through the door of […]

Timeshare Rip-off Protection Laws

Did you buy a timeshare then find out it was a rip-off? If you bought it within the past five days Nevada state allows you to request a full refund. Timeshare laws they hope you don’t discover. -By Mindy Nielson It was going to be a great Las Vegas vacation – my husband and I […]

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