September 28, 2016

Sugar House Prison Farm

The old Utah prison was a thriving business in Sugar House. Who started it? Who were the first prisoners? The answers might surprise you.

Fisher Brewing Company Part II

The German-owned Fisher Brewing Company grew to be one of the largest breweries in the West and managed to survive many setbacks, including prohibition.

Fisher Brewing Company Part I

The LDS pioneers were drinkers. Read part one about Utah’s historic brewery.

What Lies Beneath Salt Lake City?

Tunnels conjure images of dark, dank spaces where mystery and danger look around every corner. Combine this preconception with a religion notorious for its secrecy and rituals and you’ve got a juicy recipe for conspiracy.

Media Outlets Continue to Inaccurately Confuse LDS and FLDS Faiths

Media Outlets Continue to Inaccurately confuse LDS and FLDS Faith. See differences in faith and why the LDS chruch continues the battle to distance themselves from the FLDS

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