September 29, 2016

300 South Bikepath: Cyclists Still Use the Sidewalk

Even with a costly construction price tag, the 300 South bike lanes fail to deliver.

Utah’s Suburban Drug Use

Drug addiction in Utah can lie behind many closed doors. What can be done to help the addicts in need?

Corporate Puppet Masters and Orrin Hatch

Senator Hatch’s latest legislation allows for certain supplements to be classified as foods, not drugs. How does this affect what Utahns purchase?

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Police can seize your property and belongings with no obligation to return it in every state except for one.

History of Electric Cars in Utah

Electric cars in Utah have a longer history than one might expect in such a fossil fueled state.

Abbey’s Road: Southern Utah Environmentalism

Moab, Utah has been the cradle of many environmental issues throughout the decades. But what impact have these environmentalists made?

Letter from City of Holladay to Business Owners

Read that letter that upset many Holladay business owners.

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