September 29, 2016

Current Fish & Oyster

A restaurant that brings a sophisticated ambiance to downtown Salt Lake City.

Yelp: Part of the Nation’s New Wild West

Yelp may not be as reliable of a customer review site as one might think.

Black Sheep Cafe

A cafe with authentic Southwestern Native American food in historic downtown Provo.

Downtown Provo: Rejuvenated

Many Utah downtown districts have fallen by the wayside, but Provo officials have managed to breathe new life into a once forgotten area.

Hottest Restaurants in SLC Right Now

SLC has a lot to offer in the restaurant scene. Read our picks for the most sizzling local eateries in the city.

The Rest of the Story: A Tucked Away Eatery at the Bodega

The Rest, a speak-easy restaurant on Salt Lake’s Main Street.

Moab’s Red Cliffs Lodge Owner Colin Fryer

In this installment of Small Towns in Utah, we spend an afternoon with Colin Fryer, owner of Moab’s famous Red Cliffs Lodge. Takeaway: persistence pays off.

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